A Mystic’s Mind Works Like a Bee

A mystic’s mind is like a bee because, the bee knows to go to the most beautiful and fragrant places to gather the things they need to make sweet sweet honey.

Like the bee we want to go to the most beautiful thoughts in our minds and gather all of the nectar and pollen we can from those nourishing thoughts to make our lives very sweet.

Put Your Heart into It

Put your heart into it. But know that the heart is not a leader. But what it is, is the greatest support system you will ever have. When you let the heart lead, it will lead you astray. It will focus solely on emotion without guidance. Emotion without guidance will get you know where. Exhausted with no benefit.

The heart is a tool for manifestation. Don’t look to it solely for guidance. It is not where the inner being resides. It is carnal. It is the portal from which emotion enters and fills our souls with the need for action.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Jeremiah 17:9

The Bible says that the heart is wicked. It will only be evil if we do not understand it.

What we want to do is focus our minds on the things that we do want and then put our hearts into the emotional work of alignment. It’s like putting a cherry on top of a delicious desert. It makes for a beautiful presentation.

Never Focus on Things Not Wanted

Abraham Hicks brings out that if we have five major things in our lives that we think about; four of which are going well and the fifth is not at all. We tend to focus on the one thing that is not working well and put all of our energy into it.

This is the wrong way to build a magical life.

What we want to do is focus on the four things that are prospering and coax the fifth to match step with them. The same would be true if four things were out of alignment and one was swimming along beautifully. We need to bring those four wavering things into alignment with what we want so that they are also swimming along beautifully.

Hard Work is Not the First Step

A mystic knows that the more she cross pollinates her garden the more lush full and fruitful it will be. But before she can go about the work of flitting from one flower to another she must plant the seeds of the garden in her mind. This is where everything begins.

Everything begins with a thought

Think of everything in your life that you are wanting to have as a flower. You are the bee. You have to cross pollinate that flower with the rest of your garden in order for everything to be on the same level of health and beauty.

The sunshine, the rain, the soil, the weather; all of these things are important but without pollination your garden will not last. Look at the beauty of the things that have manifested for you already. Even if it is one flower in the midst of weeds or just barren soil there is hope. 

Nourish Your Day Dreams with Imagination

You may have to fly a long way to gather pollen to nourish your flower but it can be done.

The way to nourish your day dreams is with imagination. Look at pictures in magazines, read books, browse through travel brochures or sites, get in touch with your inner being. All of these things will help you widen your perspective and spark your imagination.

Now take these things and pollinate your one little flower with them. You know that you can manifest things. This flower proves it. Now pollinate and repeat when you start to get two, four, six and so on. 

Manifestation is Like a Magicians Tricks

Manifestation is like a magicians tricks. A magician pulls things out of what seems like no where. But, it just seems like that. A good magician knows how to have you look for the end result of his effort. You are not watching what it takes to pull off the trick.

It is the same with you and your garden of the things you want. Nobody knows what it took for you to pull off the manifestation. It seems like a trick. But it is no trick.

The is your magic. Practice it. Become the magician you were meant to be. Fly bee fly!

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