Iris Chapman has spent many decades studying the Bible from many different disciplines, churches, organizations. Each time the same thing happened. There came a time when insurmountable obstacles hindered further growth. In short, much of what they were teaching just didn’t make sense.

It was without question frustrating and not without significant cost. But, she never gave up. She knew there definitely were gems to be discovered in the Bible if she just persisted.

She also knew that so-called geniuses such as Einstein were said to have taken complex questions to meditation and would get illuminating answers.

So Iris decided to do the same thing.

When she meditated on a scriptural question, the answer she got made sense and was many times very different than what she was being taught. The two roads that were put before her were love or fear. You would think that it would be easy to choose. But most of the world is locked in fear and she was attacked for choosing love.

Over time her new journey along with these new understandings formed a new set of truths that reformed her life. She now self styles herself a mystic, a prophet (in Hebrew – a Chazona), of which she is very happy.