Are All Mystics Wild?

All mystics are magical and mysterious.

Mystics are creative forces forged by our inner beings for a specific purpose to be accomplished on earth. We are searchers, researchers and testers of established so-called truths of society.

Like all others we spend our lives setting things up for the next life and the next. Unlike many others we are consciously aware of it.

Why Be Ordinary?

If we squash our inclinations we become ordinary. Now, I know that there is no such thing as a truly ordinary person, only persons who have not connected with their inner selves. When this happens though, we can only reflect what we see in the world. At this point, there is no way to have a truly creative contribution, to benefit the world, as we are not connected to the awesome creator that we are.

This is why I know that reincarnation is real and imperative.

We need many experiences to discover ourselves, perfect our creative manifestation skills and finally follow our inner calling without constantly seeking the approval of others. We must keep coming back to the earth to achieve this goal, to perfect this balance, to grow our spiritual wisdom teeth, and stand, finally, firmly on our own two feet in a confidently strong stance.

A Wild Mystic

I recently read an article that associated a mystic with a wild person who is not fully in control of her powers. I would contribute that in our youth (this is a condition not a number of years) we either squash our stellar selves, our inner calling, until it collapses into a black hole, let ourselves be overruled by our inner being (which makes us seem out of step with society and wild) or find a way to reconcile both the inner and the outer worlds, which comes with maturity – again not associated with numerical years but a well cultivated positive attitude.

Alison Nappi writes the excellent article I earlier mentioned which illustrates what happens to those of us mystics who are in the midst of grappling with balance, out of step with society (wild). She frames her observations in the scenario of the dating world. I have posted it below.


By Alison Nappi

A mystic is a wild creature.

She is made. She is deliberately forged by something mysterious. She is created for a purpose. She spends all her life seeking, for there is nothing else worth doing. She peers and gazes until she falls from the edge of the world, and into the next. Over and over.

Each time she returns, she is a little different. What she sees must change her. She dies every day. She is reborn in every moment.  Can you even begin to fathom the terror and the faith commanded from such a being? Can you even begin to understand what such a life can do?

Don’t date a mystic, if you want the life you have. If you are comfortable and cozy, stay away. Whatever you have built around yourself to create comfort: it cannot stand in the blazing fire of a mystical woman. She is no trophy. She is no bodily pleasure-maker. She is the seer of souls.

She is the womb that births the divine into the flesh and bone of matter.

She doesn’t mean to burn your village to the ground, but she has seen what you are meant to become. You are not a peasant shearing sheep, as you have thought. You are a king dressed in rags who has amnesia.

It is her assumption that you have come to be reborn. If you haven’t, turn back now, while the world you know still exists.

If she touches you, and all the voices on the wind go silent, if you feel you are in a snow globe when you embrace her, she is your destroyer. She will destroy the false idol you see in the mirror. She will smash it open because it is your prison. If you wish to stay there, she will shatter you another way. She will leave.

A mystic may not for long engage with that which is too small for her, unless she is nurturing a seedling into its destiny. But the seed must be capable of fulfilling its own potential.

Everybody wants the magic, but nobody wants the Mystery, the schooling: a thing that must be lived in a place where book knowledge has no meaning, for all books are manuals to the world you already know. That means, the well-honed intellect — the masculine theory of reason — will not save you, cannot free you. It is for a world whose time is over.

The Mystery, by its very nature, must show you what has never been seen, never been written, never been known, because before you were forged, it was impossible. The arts of women have been called the dark arts for too long, and they are the keys to infinity. Infinite form. Infinite being. Infinite life.

The art of far sight.
The art of inner knowing.
The art of sign-reading.
The art of deep feeling.
The art of song and circles.
The art of intuition.
The art of frequency translation.
The healing arts.
The art of kitchen witchery.
The art of communion.
The art of sacred story weaving.
The art of creation and manifestation.

And others too wild to name.

If your dreams are not filled with the Mystery, you are better off with a normal girl, because a mystic will see things that are invisible to you. She will feel things that you cannot feel beneath the layers of numbness you have wrapped yourself in.

She will call upon your true self, your real soul, and she will sing it down into you, into herself, and life will never be the same.

Rebelle Society Magazine

A Balanced Mystic

There is a way to become a balanced mystic. A balanced mystic is a person who can add magical, mystical ingredients into the batter of everyday life and bake it up extraordinary.

Being Grounded is a Must

What is a balanced mystic? We can tell by looking at her life. She only attracts to herself those who are looking for what only she can give. In the case of a balanced mystic, if a person cannot sync with her it is not because she is dangerous or destructive, it is because she is expansive and imaginatively creative beyond what they can handle.

There is no need for alarm. We are here to make choices. It is mature to see things for what they are, that is, are things the way we want them to be or are they not.

A balanced mystic has grounded herself so that she is as much earthly focused as she is inwardly focused. Many who have not reached this level will not be able to stomach this. This does not make a person good or bad. Just at a different level.

Stay Committed to Your Journey

This is nobodies fault. We are all on our own journeys. It is like being at a major airport. There are people from all over going to all sorts of places for all sorts of purposes. Everyday life is just like this. It is just as useless to try to get somebody on your flight who has their own ticket to a totally different destination. It won’t work. You have to identify those who are going the same way you are.

This is easier than we think. Just like at the airport, people will show up who are getting on the same flight we are. We don’t have to do anything other than show up for the journey ourselves and they will too.

It’s Magical

This is the manifestation of the law of attraction at work. It’s magical. People who are thinking about the same things will find each other because they all show up for the same journey (actual and figurative). Just like we did.

Do not waste time. Do not wait. Let’s connect now to our inner creators. This is the only way to be the truly creative magical persons we came to the earth to be. This is the only way to be on our tailor fitted paths. These paths will take us to our correct destinations to continue our journeys. These are the journeys that only we can take. Don’t miss it!

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