How Did It All Start?

Are we gods who are co-creators of this earth and our experiences on it or are we just slaves to faceless gods who make us victims of their creation?

Let’s Meditate on It

In the beginning, Genesis 1:1, is how the Bible starts. Most people are familiar with this phrase. But, what does it all mean?

I have been a Bible student for many decades. I listened to many teachers (churches and organizations) and followed their teachings until I ran into undeniable misgivings.

Learning From the Best

I learned that Einstein and other so-called geniuses had meditated on complicated problems and had come up with some illuminating answers. I reasoned that the mysteries of the Bible were to me even more compelling than E=mc2.

Then I began to meditate on my scriptural questions. The answers I received through meditation were very different from what I had ever heard and made a whole lot more sense to me. Because of this I fashion myself a mystic. Fortunately, everyone gets to chime in with their own ideas. Here’s mine.

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