Mystic – ology 101

The Magic of Creation

Mystic – ology demands that you stay pure in your desire. You want something, you consult your inner being about clarifying that desire then you chill out through meditation or sleep. Allow the universe to bring it to you. It will feel like magic.

There’s just one major thing you have to do to practice mystic – ology. You have to know what it is that you desire.

To back up the action of knowing you then just have to desire it with emotional happiness. But, it takes a little practice to desire something and then not turn around to fight against it.

The fighting against what you most desire comes from worrying about what others think, observing the world as it is and seeing that you have something out of the ordinary to offer and letting that scare you. You may have memories about negative things that happened to you in the past when you tried to step out of the lock step that society may demand of you.

Study, Research, Work, Accept

Study, research and work are still a big part of the picture. They are just not the most important part. Once you have a desire, consult your inner being about it and chill out in meditation or sleep and it manifests, it is your action that solidifies it. Sometimes it is just a matter of acceptance. You asked for it and it showed up – no work needed. Of course, it depends on what the desire was.

The Universe is Ready to Respond to You

When I say the universe will bring it, I am talking about the system that was set up for us from the beginning beginning. Way back beyond our capability of understanding since it is not encapsulated in time. When the One God, The Master Creator created us and then created a system to work in harmony with all (whether we are aware of our creative powers or not) of our creative desires.

Ever since then, we have been at work creating all sorts of things in the effort to discover ourselves and our reactions in an unlimited amount of environments and situations.

What is Mystic – ology?

The earth was created to be able to manifest our desires in a physical way. Mystic – ology is the practice of understanding who we are and what we have helped to co-create, the earth.

If we can even begin to want to understand who we are, and that we are co-creators of the earth, (who are still creating with every breathe) then we can get on with the business of making all of our day dreams come true.

You want it and you trust that you can have it. You want it and you know what it will bring to you to have it. This is someone in charge of their life.

How to Become a Master at Mystic – ology 101

It is not possible to ever master all there is to creation. But, you can master the basics. The way to master the basics is to understand who you are (a co-creator) then understand that you are here to create.

The best way to gauge if you are doing alright in co-creation, mystic – ology, is to look around at your life. If life is bringing you the things that you desire then you are on your way to understanding mystic – ology 101. This is a good start.

It will take many lifetimes of practice to approach mastering the basics. As you set your intentions, ask for what you want and then quiet your mind through meditation or sleep, you can receive the answers and/or the manifestations you seek.

Co-Creators are Magicians

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The only thing that is standing in your way is your disbelief, worry, focus on lack or insecurities. There is no reason for the co-creator that you are to have any of these blockages. Release them so that you can make magic. Make the life you determinedly design for yourself.

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