The Art of Mystical Mindfulness

Creative activities are a fun way to practice living in the moment, but they can also help you deal with serious issues. When we need healing, no matter the type of healing, many times simple pleasures go a long way.

Mindful Doodling

Casual drawing can actually be a form of therapy. Helping you de-stress and get more focused. Following are some easy artful ways to ease into a sense of well being.

Mindful Drawings

Write your name in the center of a piece of paper. Then surround it with designs and words that are meaningful to you.

Write a Favorite Inspirational Quote and Create a Design Around It

You can also write a favorite scripture, a line from a favorite song or poem. Whatever makes you smile when you thing of it.

Mindful Collage

Assembling images that are meaningful to you can reveal new insights into your personality.

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